Whether this is your first project or 21st firm406 is ready to help make it a success. With over 20 years of commercial and institutional experience we have the skills to assist you to realize your facility.  Listed below are some of these skills that will benefit you and your project;


Needs assessments

The first step for a successful project is to quantify what exactly you need.  It is critical to have properly vetted information to ensure the project is right sized, avoiding over, or potentially even more important, under building.  Let us work with you, bringing our experience leading your staff through an exploration to quantify needs.


Feasibility Studies

Have a piece of property or looking to purchase an existing facility but not sure if it will fits your needs.  We can perform a quick assessment of the property or facility and help you determine if it will be an appropriate course of action.


Master Planning

If you have a large parcel of land and are interested in developing it, firm406 can help you maximize its potential.  Whether an industrial, office or retail spaces are desired we will work with you to meet your pro forma or other selected goals.  


The fundamental function of an architect is to design your facility.  Whether a new facility, an expansion, or a remodel we are prepared to create a facility that meets your needs and budget to achieve your goals.  

Owner's Representative

If you are about to embark on a construction project, but lack the professional staff to properly guide or oversee it, consider letting us assist you.  We can bring over 20 years of commercial design and construction experience to bear for you, giving you an advocate that has no other agenda or allegiance, while smoothing the design/construction process and allowing your staff to focus on what they do.