Throughout our history, and in Sean's  prior career, we have prided ourselves on being able to have sensible and effective, if not downright amiable working relationships with our contractor colleagues.  As can be attested by not just executives but also project managers, superintendents and estimators from Big D Construction, Hogan and Associates, Layton Construction, Okland Construction, Ralph L Wadsworth Construction, Sirq Construction and Stacey Enterprises we find the best results are put forward from everyone when courtesy and respect are paired with integrity and even some humor.  To that end firm406 brings the following skills to help deliver successful projects;

Concept design

There are times an owner will approach a contractor before they engage a design professional.  While that is beneficial for the contractor moving the project forward can sometimes be a challenge without the unique skills an architect brings to a project.  Let firm406 join your team and provide those skills while allowing you to remain as the single entity interfacing with the client, effectively expanding your capabilities without introducing another entity into the conversation.  

Design Build

firm406 is prepared to team with contractors on a host of projects and our size allows us to respond timely and nimble responses.  Parking structures, warehouse facilities and data centers are specialties.  

Design Management

From time to time a contractor will find themselves engaged in a project that is providing to have a challenging design team.  firm406 is prepared to apply our years of design experience, combined with a pragmatic approach, to assist your team in managing the design team and moving the project forward.