central business parking garage



Size: 4 levels, 830 stalls

Budget: $ project cost

The Central Business Parking Garage faced the challenge of being in the line of site to most every surrounding facility.  To address this issue three responses were employed to create a facility that contributed to the fabric of the UU campus.  First, the structure was designed to integrate into the site.  While allowing for access points on the top, bottom and intermediate levels the concept also minimized the amount of structure that is exposed to view.  Furthermore, the facade of the structure was clad in a Mondrian like pattern of perforated metal panels developed from a simple 3'x3' panel.  This broke up the mass, effectively "camouflaging" the structure in plain view.  Finally, the roof of the structure was developed into an intramural play field, helping to offset the loss of adjacent facilities due to recent projects.  A final feature of this project was its ability to address ongoing pedestrian safety and vehicular circulation challenges.  By cutting off through traffic, and creating two round abouts the project was able to improve traffic flow while accommodating shuttle and service traffic and improving safety.  

Project completed at former employment